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Working with Bar Mitzvah Vendors

For a complete planning resource, check out and click on "Find Bar Mitzvah Vendors" in the top navigation, or, just follow this link. Choose the city nearest you to see company brochures, testimonials, pictures, tips and ideas. You are even able to create a free website to share your experience with friends and family and check out the unique feature of "MitzvahTV".

1. You should be looking for not only guarantees, but also for flexibility. You want to have backup plans provided by a vendor in place of emergency - equipment failure, natural disaster, who knows. You should also be willing to go back at your original agreement and come up with a new solution that works best for everyone. You might even want to include a clause leaving them liable for negligence or misconduct, and an honest vendor should be open to that.

2. Make sure you fully know and understand your refund policies, because you don't want to be caught up in some kind of loophole about semantics and miniscule details. Equipment failure for a DJ or band can warrant a full refund, if it's explicitly stated in the contract, and you can even create small fines or deductions for music played that was on your "do not play" list. Make sure all of this is hashed out right at the start.

3. Not everything can be figured out immediately, or the first time you start planning. For example, you might know how is getting honored with which candles, but might not know the words that will be said, songs that will be used, or anything else. In this basic blueprint or plan, state that you don't know, and have any vendors sign off or initial it, realizing there will be future changes and new information added. This keeps everyone in the loop and on their toes.

4. A few details that need to be included with any contract for a vendor will be the date of the party, including the day of the week, the time the vendor is required to arrive and what times following they are needed until, and the day and time any necessary items should be delivered beforehand. Make sure not only that you can contact them, but that they can contact you should some sort of emergency arise and new plans need to be made at the last minute.

5. Keep all of the receipts for purchases you make. This isn't only for financial purposes, but the receipts can also serve as de facto contracts for party favors, invitations or other straight purchases. Receipts then should include the party's date, when the items will be ready and delivered or picked up, the description of the item, price and payment details, and any other notes on what that price includes or doesn't include.